About Us


Meet a pioneer in industrial crane and hoist system accessories.

Since 2003, W.Z. Enterprise has been a worldwide leader in new and re-conditioned lifting equipment. Throughout our spectrum of experiences, we have consistently risen to the ever-changing needs of operators throughout all industries and applications. Providing customization when-when you need it the most, our local team of experts couples the latest in technology with professional design to help you rise to any occasion. An incomparable blend of quality, reliability, and post-sales support allows us to meet the specifications of clients worldwide. We serve a broad range of professionals through a high level of development and manufacturing research. Throughout the years, our company has drastically increased yearly revenue as we have spread into every corner of the globe.

Aboutus_ingThe option to buy, sell, service, and repair gives you options when dealing with the equipment you so greatly rely upon. Browse a selection of generators, environment sanitization equipment, and battery carts available to meet your demands. Streamline processes with the most advanced road sweepers, sprinklers, pressure washers, and compression garbage trucks. The crane construction, machinery, shipping, marine, and material handling industries can all benefit from our large selection of lifting and heavy equipment.


An unbeatable drive towards innovation puts our products ahead of the pack when it comes to productivity and longevity. Through our company, dealers and companies alike have the ability to adjust to a dynamic marketplace that requires the latest of tools. Even after each sale, our team stays with you to guarantee satisfaction. Alongside W.Z. Enterprise, you will find the solution to increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Trust only the leader in lifting equipment to bring your operation into the 21st century; a friendly team member is on-hand to answer any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.