Cast Iron Wheel

Wheels are manufactured from Cast Iron.

Grey Cast Iron is a casting alloy, iron and carbon based, with the carbon being present in the form of lamellar graphite (flake graphite) particles.

Cast Iron wheels combine strength and shock resistance with long life and economy. They have low tractive resistance values coupled with high load capacities.

Being metallic they withstand the extremes of temperature that would destroy plastic tyred wheels having an effective temperature range of -100°C to +300°C (depending on bearing & grease options).Cast iron wheels can cause floor wear and noise levels that are unacceptable.

Wheels have a machined crowned -tread, concentric with the bearing bore.

The wheels are protected against the environment by a coat of clear resin shellac.

Wheels have been designed to be used on rails, where often a grooved wheel is paired with a flanged wheel.

The cast iron wheel series can be fitted with alternative bearing types including plain bearing, roller bearing and ball journal types.