Cast Nylon Wheel

Standard finish: White
Effective temperature range: -20°C to +80°C
(+5°C to +40°C is preferred)

Cast Nylon wheel are machined from mild steel billets, and are fitted with either ball journal bearings or taper roller bearing types.

These wheels possess exceptional strength, shock resistance and long life. They are ideal where extremely high static and dynamic load applications are required.

Natural Cast Nylon is generally accepted as the primary engineering polymer. Cast Nylon is produced by a casting process and compared to injection moulded and extrusion grades of polyamides, stands out with its improved mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance properties. Specifically cast nylon has a higher tensile compressive and impact strength as well as improved resistance to creep and heat ageing.

These wheels are oil resistant and maintenance free. Being metallic they withstand the extremes of temperature that would destroy plastic tyred wheels having an effective temperature range of -100°C to +300°C (depending on bearing & grease options).

Steel wheels have a very hard tread and combined with the very high loads can cause floor wear and noise levels that are unacceptable.