Crane Motor

Maximum power even in turbulent applications


  • General description
  • Technical data overview
  • Customer benefits
  • Typical applications

General description
Crane motors are often exposed to extreme weather conditions – as well as being subject to high operational requirements. They have to withstand high humidity, salty air and high wind speeds while ensuring a high overload capacity and a wide speed control range.
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Technical data overview

Voltage and power ranges:1.1 kW – 481 kW All commonly used voltages
Frame sizes and designs:132 S – 315 L All common construction types
Rated speed and rated torque:727 – 1726 min -110.6 – 3142 Nm

Brief overview
Customer benefits

    • Increased efficiency

For ambient temperatures up to 50 °C, optionally also higher – Protected against humidity up to 100% and salty atmosphere.