MHC Hydraulic jack

MHC Hydraulic jack is widely used in machinery equipment, bridge construction, railway track of installation and maintenance, and transportation of heavy loading and unloading , automobile tractor repair,ect.
Product is made of high quality steel, after heat treatment and welding, structure simple, easy operate , durable, high quality is stable, safe and reliable; Top and hook lifting combination, easy to low position operation, is a kind of widely used lifting tool.
The operating handle design for 180 degrees of rotation, according to different places, thus changing the Angle is more convenient to use.

Model Overall size



Mini height (mm)

Lifting height (mm) Rated capacity (T) Weight (kg)
MHC-2.5RS 210X140X232 16 115 5 2.5 11
MHC-5RS 260X200X283 20 148 10 5 24
MHC-10RS 295X220X322 25 158 20 10 36
MHC-15RS 305X255X350 30 158 30 15 55
MHC-25RS 340X285X350 50 158 50 25 75