Sliding Hanger S2 SH3202

Most crane frameworks and moving apparatus require some type of voyaging force supply, to encourage the end carriages and derricks and so forth. At Niko Ltd we give 2 elective force frameworks, the first is NCL an encased conductor bar and the second is a c-rail trim link supply framework. Both frameworks keep running nearby the machines they are bolstering and empower the framework to move openly, while as yet giving a reliable force source. The benefits of the NCL encased conductor bar are:

Force can be given to a particular area of the framework, or the entire framework when required. This is conceivable as a result of the capacity to control either from the end or the center of the conductor bar.

An Enclosed Conductor Bar can likewise give energy to different frameworks without a moment’s delay.

Niko Ltd stock NCL in 64, 78 and 100amp frameworks, but on the other hand can give 140 and 200amp upon solicitation to suit various force prerequisites.

Encased Conductor Bar not at all like Festoon has no restriction to the length of framework.

NCL is given in anything up to 4 meter lengths, guaranteeing that any size framework can be fueled.

NCL is likewise perfect for use around corners, where trim may catch or get to be tangled.

NCL is helpful for low headroom frameworks in light of the fact that there is no low hanging link. This advantageous as a security element as nobody can become involved with the link.

Space sparing on the grounds that there is no cluster up range, this likewise keeps the framework clean.

Straightforward and simple to introduce.

The benefits of the c-rail trim link supply framework are:

C-Rail Festoon Supports Niko Ltd’s scope of link fluctuating from 4 to 12 center, this takes into account a huge scope of force supplies to be upheld in contrast with NCL.

Force can be supplied specifically to the lift or remote control instead of a segment of the framework.

Trim is the most financially savvy technique for fueling a framework, as it can be utilized for a crane.

Trim can be utilized on an assortment of crane frameworks including jibs, overheads, A cranes and so on.